~Welcome to the Friends of the Baraboo Zoo! 

The Friends of the Baraboo Zoo, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-profit established in 1984.  Support this 5013c organization

Our purpose is to raise funds to support the betterment of Baraboo’s Zoo, Ochsner’s Park Zoo.  All monies acquired will be used towards projects and/or improvements for the enhancement of Ochsner’s Park Zoo.  These projects shall be determined by the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Baraboo Zoo following presentation and recommendations by the Baraboo Parks and Recreation Board.

Support Baraboo ZooThe Friends of the Baraboo Zoo (FOBZ) has raised over $526,000.00 that has been contributed to improvements and new exhibits at Ochsner Park Zoo.  In addition to the funds that have been River Otters Imagedispersed, just over $320,000.00 has been raised towards the installation of a Brand New River Otter Exhibit.   The FOBZ has been working diligently  for several years raising funds for this exhibit; fundraising efforts will continue into 2017 to acquire the remainder of funds needed.

Ochsner Zoo is ONE of just FIVE small municipal FREE zoos in the state of Wisconsin!

2017 Friends of the Baraboo Zoo Board of Directors:
Amber Giddings, President
Sandy Gavin, Vice President
Tim Lowe, Secretary
Peggy Goodenow, Treasurer
Bill Hays, Director
Lori Burdick, Director
Shannon Johnson, Director
Becky Hovde, Director
Christy Badgero, Director
Joe Colossa, Director
Brian Scarborough, Director

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DAY 2: Keeper profiles. Today you'll learn about Tori and Ellen. Name: Tori Spinoso – Zoo Manager Education: •Bachelor’s of Science – Biology from UW-Stevens Point (1997) •Master’s of Arts – Zoo and Aquarium Leadership with a concentration in Conservation Education from George Mason University (2010). History: • Zoo intern/seasonal – Ochsner Park Zoo (1994-1997) • Chimpanzee keeper - Kansas City Zoo (1997-1999) • Aviculturist - International Crane Foundation (1999-2003) • Zookeeper – Henry Vilas Zoo (2003-2006) • Stay-at-home-mom (2006-2014) • Zoo Specialist – Ochsner Park Zoo (2014-2016) • Zoo Manager – Ochsner Park Zoo (2016-present) Proudest Animal Accomplishment: Mine is very similar to Alice’s accomplishment. I, and two other keepers, hand raised a rejected infant chimpanzee (Molly) for 4 months. We trained her to bottle feed while hanging from the enclosure caging and we slept with her overnights in the chimp stalls. We also trained her adoptive mother (Patty) and Patty’s adopted son (Joshua) to place stuffed chimps into a crate (just in case we needed that behavior from them) and to touch Molly “nicely”. We really wanted her to be a “real chimp” again as soon as possible so after four months Molly was introduced to them both. Favorite Memory at Ochsner Park Zoo: Working with the UW-Special Species vet staff to amputate Snowflake’s injured wing. Sounds strange that I would be excited about an amputation but if you knew Snowflake before and then saw the amazing change in her after the surgery, you’d know exactly why. She is more bold and energetic (at 15) and I will always be 100% sure of that decision. Special Keeper Skill: Always willing to try new things.

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Another Keeper Profile! Name: Ellen Vossekuil – Zoo Specialist Education: Ripon College, B.A. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. History: Internship at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. Seasonal Keeper at Menominee Park Zoo in Oshkosh, WI. Primate keeper and Small Animal Keeper at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in SLC, UT from 2007-2014. I’ve been at Ochsner Park Zoo since March 2016. I’m also the chair of the American Association of Zoo Keepers Professional Development Committee. Proudest Keeper Moment: Crate-training a family group of titi monkeys for transport from one zoo building to the other. The animals are skittish and take a while to build up trust, and on the day of the move, they all got in their crates with no issues! Favorite Memory at Ochsner Park Zoo: Watching the animal interact with new enrichment devices. We have worked hard over the past year to update and expand our enrichment program, and it’s so fun to see the animals having fun with a new item or idea. Special Keeper Skill: Flexibility

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Junior Zoo Keeper Camp Day Four! Today was all about bats. We painted bat boxes, made our own out of cardboard, and played an echolocation game.

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Another positive step for the Otter Exhibit!
What color should the back wall be?
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