~Welcome to the Friends of the Baraboo Zoo! 

The Friends of the Baraboo Zoo, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-profit established in 1984.  Support this 5013c organization

Our purpose is to raise funds to support the betterment of Baraboo’s Zoo, Ochsner’s Park Zoo.  All monies acquired will be used towards projects and/or improvements for the enhancement of Ochsner’s Park Zoo.  These projects shall be determined by the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Baraboo Zoo following presentation and recommendations by the Baraboo Parks and Recreation Board.

Support Baraboo ZooThe Friends of the Baraboo Zoo (FOBZ) has raised over $526,000.00 that has been contributed to improvements and new exhibits at Ochsner Park Zoo.  In addition to the funds that have been River Otters Imagedispersed, just over $320,000.00 has been raised towards the installation of a Brand New River Otter Exhibit.   The FOBZ has been working diligently  for several years raising funds for this exhibit; fundraising efforts will continue into 2017 to acquire the remainder of funds needed.

Ochsner Zoo is ONE of just FIVE small municipal FREE zoos in the state of Wisconsin!

2017 Friends of the Baraboo Zoo Board of Directors:
Amber Giddings, President
Sandy Gavin, Vice President
Tim Lowe, Secretary
Peggy Goodenow, Treasurer
Bill Hays, Director
Lori Burdick, Director
Shannon Johnson, Director
Becky Hovde, Director
Christy Badgero, Director
Joe Colossa, Director
Brian Scarborough, Director

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21 hours ago

Friends of the Baraboo Zoo

Penny and Rollie are liking the sun during these cooler spring days. Once summer comes and it’s much hotter, you probably won’t see them lying in the direct sun. That can make their internal temperature rise to unhealthy levels.

Pigs do have a few sweat glands, but they're not very useful for temperature control. When temperatures increase the pigs wallow in their pool or mud, which has the same evaporation effect as sweating. That’s how pigs control their body temperature. If given the choice they prefer not to be “dirty pigs”...pigs are extremely clean, actually. The cool mud is simply necessary on hot days.
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6 days ago

Friends of the Baraboo Zoo

Good reminder as Spring arrives!

Business Insider UK
This video of baby rabbits will make you think twice before mowing your lawn. (Video courtesy of Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc)
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7 days ago

Friends of the Baraboo Zoo

🐻 our animals get the best care!This is what BugABoo’s den will look like for the next few weeks.

Our male Black Bear is on a 3-week steroid treatment for a possible allergy to his straw, which we normally use for his den bed.

He has been showing signs with patchy hair loss around his head and chest. Our vet staff from Lodi Veterinary Care - Livestock believe it may be an allergy he has developed to the straw or his food. We’ve changed his diet and removed the straw.

BugABoo will probably be kept inside for a few weeks to ensure he receives his medicine on the exact days he needs it. After that, you’ll be able to visit him again!

Thanks to keeper Katie for taking the best care of BugABoo today and making such a fine bed!
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3 weeks ago

Friends of the Baraboo Zoo

Thank you Katie!

Ochsner Park Zoo
Have you been to to the zoo this winter and wondered where the bears were. Katie will tell you where to look!
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